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Présentation du GRID, cliquez pour visiter FoCoLUM Laboratoire
  • Theory and practice as knowledge production in interior design; human experiences of interior space;
  • Colour and lighting as dynamic experiences in interior environments; psychology of light and spatial perception of lit environments;
  • Aging and human social issues in the design of institutional spaces;
  • Integration of design in re-adaptation to human health issues in the personal and social setting;
  • Artful analytic methods in qualitative research; advanced methods for research in education, interior design and visual arts;
  • Fundamental epistemologies and interior design knowledge production and acquisition(theories in evolution); phenomenology and design;
  • User experience and the technology of virtual and physical spaces; temporal designed environments ( commercial interior design, exhibition design, transportable environments)
  • Gender and feminist issues in interior design;
  • The design process and sustainable design in contemporary society;
  • Critical education issues in interior design education, research and the profession.
  • FoCoLUM Laboratoire forme-couleur-lumière ET GRID
    Groupe de recherche en illumination et design
    Faculté de l'aménagement
    Directrice : Tiiu Poldma