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Tiiu Poldma is an award winning academic researcher. She's currently a full professor, teacher and researcher at the School of Design, Faculty of Environmental Design at the University of Montreal. She's also the author of "Taking up Space: Exploring the Design Process" and editor of "Meanings of Designed Spaces" which has articles and interviews with over 40 design thinkers and luminaries. Both are available from Fairchild Books, Amazon and at other major booksellers.

Tiiu Poldma has been active professionally with over 300 projects in the commercial and residential sectors. Whether working with architects and engineers or guiding users and clients with professional advice, she has consulted as an interior designer for over 25 years on major projects both in Canada and internationally. She has gained a reputation for client satisfaction with design expertise in commercial work environments.


I like to consider myself as a teacher passionate about interior design and how design can transcend and yet integrate the pragmatic and philosophical. I am a teacher of ideas: ideas about interior design and how these are explored, challenged and translated into research, spatial solutions and the interior designers‘ and users‘ experiences.


Tiiu Poldma
telephone: 514 895 2387

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Tiiu Poldma